Rules on Burial and the Interment of Cremated remains

Those eligible to be buried in the churchyard (including interment of ashes)

  • Island residents
  • Someone whose spouse or close relative is buried in the churchyard, but who is no longer / not a resident
  • Someone who is a close relative to an island resident (or island family)
  • Someone with a close association with the island (which is recognizable to the island community)
  • Anyone on the electoral roll of St Mary’s Church, Holy Island
  • Anyone who dies whilst visiting the Island.

There is no right for a full body burial, these will be allocated at the decision of the PCC. Ashes internment would be the alternative.
There is no right to be in a particular part of the churchyard unless family plots have the space for a burial of family members or a space is reserved by Faculty.

An eligible person who lives outside the parish wishing to be buried or to have ashes interred in the churchyard, or someone wishing to be buried in a particular place should seek the advice of the incumbent regarding the application for a Faculty to do so.

PCC / 29.04.21

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